What are Magic Matches?

Introducing a new way to receive donations: Magic Matches sends customer-returned goods directly to your organization. By shipping directly to you, you'll save valuable time by avoiding shopping online and arranging pickup or delivery logistics.

Please see below for more information about the donation program. 

How do I sign up for Magic Matches? 

You can opt-in to receive magic matches directly from your LiquiDonate account dashboard. Once you log in, navigate to the Magic Matches menu and you’ll see the opt-in checkbox. You can also always send a message to nonprofit@liquidonate.com.

Do I have control over what is sent to my organization? 

We match you to donations based on the categories you selected during registration, so make sure you review those and update them according to your ongoing needs. To update your categories, login and navigate to the Categories menu.

If you receive items that you do not have any use for, you can leave us feedback to avoid similar matches in the future. You can also post that item on the LiquiDonate Free Marketplace free of charge so that it can be ordered by another organization in your area that can put it to use!

What happens if I receive a damaged item or a fraudulent return? 

If you receive a damaged item or fraudulent return, meaning the item you received was not as expected, you can notify us by leaving feedback for that particular match from your dashboard, including photos of the damage. You can dispose of the item utilizing recycling resources such as Earth911, or reach out to us for further assistance. 

How many donations should I expect to receive from Magic Matches? 

Quantities will vary depending on a number of factors related to the retail donor. We will do our best to provide your organization with estimates, and you will also receive email notifications of incoming matches so that you can prepare to receive them. It is important to note that Magic Match donations will arrive in individually packaged shipments.

Can I temporarily turn off Magic Matches? 

To pause all Magic Match donations, log in to your account dashboard and navigate to the Magic Matches tab. You’ll see the opt-in checkbox, which you can unselect.

Will the donor be able to see my organization’s name?

Your address will be shown on the shipping label with the name of "LiquiDonate Nonprofit Network". Once the shipping is complete and you have received the item, you can sign the donation receipt from your account dashboard Magic Matches menu. This receipt with your organization’s name will be sent to the retailer donor.

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