How do nonprofits use LiquiDonate?

LiquiDonate is a completely free service for nonprofits to find the goods they need. We work with retailers and companies to reroute their unsellable goods and returns to nonprofits instead of going to landfills. Our service is available to nonprofits across the nation and the inventory regularly changes depending on what our retail partners have available.

For the nonprofit, our website acts as a marketplace. Upon registration, you can access exclusive listings from our corporate partners. While our service is available nationwide, the marketplace is personalized to your geographic location. Picking up a donation is always free for a nonprofit. If you need assistance with local delivery, the costs are minimal and shared with the donor.

Some items are available for nationwide shipping but unless specified, we do our best to keep donations as local as possible to minimize cost for the donor and nonprofit, minimize environmental impact, and ensure that items are able to support communities as equitably as possible.

The types of items you can request or receive from LiquiDonate are nearly limitless. You are welcome to use the donations in any way to support the mission of your organization whether it means feeding your community or stocking your office with new supplies, and everything in between

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