Getting Started with LiquiDonate: Nonprofits

Welcome to the LiquiDonate community! We're so excited to have you join our network to advance a circular economy. We're here to connect your organization with the items you need most, directly from donors around the country. By using LiquiDonate, you time and resources are freed up for you to continue to fulfill your mission and positively impact your community. This Getting Started Guide will help you get the most out of our platform.


As a registered nonprofit, you now have access to exclusive items through the following options:

  1. Magic Matches: Our tech solution for customer-returned items in like-new condition. Nonprofit receive goods shipped directly to their organization, free of charge. *Now piloting in select markets.

  1. Circularity Shop: Conference and event planners, facilities and warehouse managers, and brands and retailers around the country list inventory on our online free marketplace where registered nonprofits can shop for the goods they need. Pickup is always free, and LiquiDonate can provide the logistics support of shipping or delivery for a fee when needed. Shop now!


Check out the following resources once you are logged in to get the most out of being a part of the LiquiDonate community:

  • Wishlist: Add your most sought-after items to let our matching algorithm find the best matches for your needs. You can also share your Wishlist publicly, making it even easier to let your existing donor network know how to best help you.

  • Social Media Toolkit: Our Social Media Toolkit for Circularity Partners is filled with resources to share on-brand and top-tier designs and copy on your preferred social channels. It includes templates for Canva, suggested copy, and hashtags, making it easy to share your donations and the impacts they make in your communities. Remember to tag us in your posts!

  • Help Center: If you are unsure of how something works, or just need to get in touch with our support team, head here for helpful articles and a way to get in touch.


You'll start to see a few different emails from us as you use the LiquiDonate platform. You may unsubscribe from these alerts if preferred when you receive them. All notification information will also be available when you login under your account details.

  • Item Availability: When new goods hit the Free Marketplace near you.
  • Delivery Notifications: For items like Magic Matches that are on their way.
  • Product Announcements: The latest new features and beta-test opportunities.
  • Circularity Partners Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter highlights donation recipients, news, blog posts, and more.

We Value Feedback

As we continue to grow as a company, we'd love to keep in touch and hear from you to better understand your needs and interest in working with LiquiDonate. Send us a message at if you have any questions.

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